Wednesday, September 26, 2012


From the same cancelled project from before.  This was for an upgrade-able airfield.  Which would be one of your major defend-able locations.   Losing the field would disable your ability to give supply drops and air support bombings.

Progression Sketch

Couple progression sketches from a cancelled project.  The idea was to show levels of upgrade-ability, the top of each 3 being the poorest.

Another older one

A house on a hill.  Toying with the lighten filter for almost the whole thing.

A couple more

Color sketches from a while ago, just now able to post them. 

First post in forever

Some BW Sketches

This top piece was done a little differently from my normal process, I started with a white background and drew the whole thing toward dark (like a pencil sketch) with a single texture brush.  Fun way to work.